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English Notes is SDCTE's quarterly newsletter.  Hard copies of the newsletter are mailed to current SDCTE members.  To view an old issue of English Notes, visit our electronic archives.

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The Changing Face of English Notes


History of English Notes 

English Notes was the name given to the SDCTE journal published in the mid-eighties.  The journal was edited by Geo. Staley of Sinte Gleske University in 1983 and 1984.  After Staley moved on to Portland Community College, James Swanson and John Laflin of Dakota State University (still Dakota State College at the time) became the editors.   

When SDCTE re-established ties with NCTE in 1994, the organization did not attempt to compile a full-length journal.  However, SDCTE did print a newsletter, English News.  In addition to announcements about upcoming events, the newsletter often includes short articles about teaching strategies and suggestions--articles that can be as valuable today as when they were first published.  

In 1999, the newsletter adopted the name of the original SDCTE journal, English Notes.  English Notes is now published quarterly.  

Since SDCTE re-established ties with NCTE, the Executive Board has kept an archive of the SDCTE newsletter.  Electronic copies of those newsletters can be accessed here.  Copies of earlier issues of English Notes will be added to the archives if and when they become available.  (Professor Staley has graciously shared his spare copies of the 1983 English Notes with SDCTEThis journal will also be added to the archives soon.)  


Note to long-term members of SDCTE

The late Bob Connors, distinguished composition scholar and rhetorician, once wrote that English studies scholars should reflect on the history of their discipline because "when we return to places we have often been, we can know them in their fullness for the first time" ("Current-Traditional Rhetoric: Thirty Years of Writing with a Purpose," Rhetoric Society Quarterly, volume 11, 1981, page 221).  Could you help us know SDCTE in its fullness?

Do you have more information about the history of SDCTE?  Would you be willing to share it with us?  Do you have copies of newsletters or journals that aren't in SDCTE's archives?  We're eager to fill in the gaps!  If you can help, please contact: 

Dan Weinstein

Assistant Professor of English/SDCTE Website Manager

College of Arts and Sciences

Dakota State University

Madison, SD 57042 

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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